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5 Staging Rules When Selling Your Home

  1. De-Personalize – Buyers Need To Picture Themselves In The House
  2. Maximize – De-clutter and Maximize the Space in Your Home, Especially Closets
  3. Sanitize – Deep Clean Your Home & Clear all Counter-tops
  4. Modernize – Consider Simple Changes to Give Your Home What it Needs to Not Appear ‘Dated’
  5. Neutralize – Colors Can Make or Break The Buyer’s Interest In Your Home
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How To Sell Your Home Faster!

First Impressions Are Everything, Make Sure to Impress!

  1. De-clutter your home
  2. Sell/Donate all unwanted items
  3. Neutralize your home
  4. Deep clean the entire home
  5. Repair any issues with the house
  6. Fix up the yard