Things to Do Around Beaconsfield


Things to Do Around Beaconsfield

Explore All the Fun Things to Do Around Beaconsfield It’s no secret that Beaconsfield is a nature lover’s gold mine, with plenty of parks and green spaces to satisfy even the most die-hard nature enthusiast! But what else there is to do around Beaconsfield? Your West Island real estate broker can point you in the […]

Is Beaconsfield a Good Place to Live?

Taking a Closer Look at Beaconsfield Real Estate  Wondering what Beaconsfield has to offer? Whenever you’re considering real estate, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if the area is a good place to live. Taking a closer look at the aspects of life in Beaconsfield with knowledgeable, experienced and professional West Island real estate brokers is a great way to find […]

Maximizing space in small rooms

Maybe you’re one of those lucky people whose home has big, bright rooms and no lack of storage space. If not, don’t worry! There are ways you can make the most of the space in your smaller rooms. Multipurpose furniture There’s a wide variety of convertible furniture to match your space and needs. For instance, […]

Closing the door on mice and squirrels

They may be cute, but not so much in your house—mice, squirrels and other rodents can cause all kinds of damage to your home and even your health. When seeking out some warmth in winter, they can damage your home’s insulation, ducts and structure, and leave droppings that may carry disease. Not to mention sharing […]