Taking a Closer Look at Beaconsfield Real Estate 

Wondering what Beaconsfield has to offer? Whenever you’re considering real estate, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if the area is a good place to live. Taking a closer look at the aspects of life in Beaconsfield with knowledgeable, experienced and professional West Island real estate brokers is a great way to find out. What are some of the advantages of living in Beaconsfield? Is life better in a slower-paced environment? Does having more green spaces have a positive effect on the people who live there? These are all good questions to ask.  

It’s also important to factor in things like the quality of schools, transportation, services and amenities in the area. All of these things are usually good indicators of whether or not it’s a good place to live. A West Island Beaconsfield real estate agent has first-hand knowledge of this information and can help answer all these questions.  

Here are some of the things Beaconsfield has to offer. 

Green, Quiet, and Focused on Community 

Beaconsfield is a predominantly Anglophone suburban town in the West Island that stretches along the St. Lawrence River. It sits below Kirkland and to the west of Pointe-Claire. To say it is green is an understatement. Most of it is green spaces with lots of wooded areas and parks, like Centennial Park and the Lawn Bowling Club. Homes have large lawns and gardens which contribute to the greenery of the town.  

It’s a quiet, laid-back town with families making up a large part of the demographic. The parks offer plenty of quiet time to yourself where you can admire the beautiful scenery. It does have more urban areas than some other parts of the West Island. Especially closer to the shopping spots, like Saint-Charles boulevard that has more traffic and pedestrians.  

There’s also a strong focus on community, with many places like the library, arena, and the Lawn Bowling Club that foster a sense of community by bringing people together for different events. In the Beaurepaire Village, you will find many local shops, cafes, and restaurants that add warmth and charm, where the residents can meet up and enjoy some quality time. 

The Verdict 

If you’re looking at houses for sale in Beaconsfield and are contemplating whether or not it is a good place to live, consider that although it can feel far and isolated at times, with some nightlife but not as much variety as downtown Montreal, it does offer a great quality of life in terms of nature, outdoor activities, peace, and a sense of community. 

And in terms of real estate, your West Island real estate broker can tell you that it may not be as exciting as inner-city life, but you will be hard-pressed to find similar single-family homes with large lawns in Montreal. When it comes to Beaconsfield real estate, it seems the pros outweigh the cons.