Maybe you’re one of those lucky people whose home has big, bright rooms and no lack of storage space. If not, don’t worry! There are ways you can make the most of the space in your smaller rooms.

Multipurpose furniture

There’s a wide variety of convertible furniture to match your space and needs. For instance, a small side table that transforms into a dining table. Or the miraculous sofa bed: sofa during the day and bed at night! Many furniture companies have responded to the demand for multipurpose furniture. A good example is the Transformer Table. Have you seen it? It’s an ingenious 6-in-1 table that was designed in Quebec.

Aim higher

Putting up shelves helps maximize space in smaller rooms. For instance, in the bathroom, put up a shelf over the toilet or above the door for your towels and cosmetics.

Space around doors tends to be wasted. But consider this: a wall with a door can be used for more than just hanging a frame. It can also be an ideal area for a bookshelf or a little storage space. Put it to use!

Under the stairs

Your toddler might disagree, but the space under a staircase isn’t just for playing hide and seek. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of the underside of a staircase depending on its location.

If the staircase is close to the door, you could add:

  • A bench to sit on when putting on boots.
  • A closet to hang your coats and store your shoes.

If the staircase is in the basement:

  • A workbench for doing manual work and storing your tools.
  • A storage space for winter clothing and camping gear.

If the staircase is on the ground floor:

  • A work area.
  • A library and a reading area.

If the staircase is close to the kitchen:

  • A pantry.
  • A wine cellar or bar.

Tips and tricks

Here are a few ideas to increase the feeling of space in smaller rooms.

Luminescence: forget velvet curtains or floral designs. Choose white curtains for your windows instead. They will lighten your decor and give the impression of more space in the room.

Along with their practical use, mirrors instantly enlarge a room by giving a sense of depth. Not to mention that they reflect natural light!

Remember: white, white and more white to open up the space. That doesn’t mean every room has to be all white, but light colours will make the space feel bigger and brighter.

A trend that’s going strong

Tiny homes: you’ve probably heard about them. They’ve been growing in popularity as cottages, but also as primary residences (although they aren’t yet accepted in all municipalities). A tiny home forces you to minimize your possessions. An online search will easily turn up a number of tips for storing your belongings in such a tight space.