A Guide to Selling Your Home in Spring

With spring and the start of the home-buying season just around the corner, you might be thinking of putting your home up for sale. Prepare your home for the market with this simple guide. Aside from finding the right real estate agent, there are some tips you can follow to set your home apart from the competition.

A spring sale doesn’t mean waiting until spring to start prepping your home. You can start working on a plan in the winter months. After the holidays is a good time to speak to your real estate broker, make a list of what needs to be done and get started.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

1. Improve and Freshen Up the Look of Your Home

A successful spring sale starts with some serious spring cleaning. Get rid of any clutter and do a thorough clean-up job, both inside and out. Polish the floors, add a fresh coat of paint and improve the curb appeal of your home by getting some professional landscaping done. It may cost a little more to get it done professionally, but it’s worth it. A great first impression goes a long way when you’re trying to grab a buyer’s attention!

Take care of any repairs and maybe get an inspection done so you can get ahead of any issues and fix them before they get in the way of your sale. You may want to consider some minor renovations as well, to update the look of your home. Remember to keep the renovation costs within your budget. It’s easy to get carried away and many sellers end up with renovations that cost more than the value they add.

Easy, low-cost solutions like updating fixtures, faucets, and décor are great ways to update the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank.

2. Consider Renovating the Kitchen and Bathroom

You may need to consider some major renovations if your kitchen and bathroom are seriously outdated. Carefully decide what must be done, create a budget and stick to it. Maybe your bathroom could use simple updates of faucets and fixtures, while your kitchen could benefit from more serious work like replacing counters and cabinets. Whatever you decide, always do the math and make sure that the ROI is worth it.

3. Eliminate All Bad Odors

We all understand the importance of a good first impression. This is not limited to the visual experience. When potential buyers visit your home, all their senses are engaged. Bad odors are a definite turn-off! Make sure to eliminate all pet, smoke, and food odors. Overwhelming odors (incense, candles, perfume) are not any better.

In this case, as with most things, follow the “keep it simple” rule. A good, thorough cleaning and some fresh air is your best bet.

4. Let the Light In

Last, but not least, nothing feels as good as an open, airy, well-lit space. You’ve taken care of decluttering, cleaning, and freshening up, now it’s time to remove old, dusty blinds and dated window coverings and just let the natural light in. It will automatically open up the space and make it feel welcoming.

Now your home is ready. Follow these simple steps and you’ll increase your chances for a successful spring sale!