The island of Montreal is vast but nothing compares to the gorgeous West Island area. Families like to call this place home thanks to its excellent location and amenities.

The area contains both French and English speakers and has many fantastic schools, parks, shopping malls, and restaurants. Let’s explore further why we believe you and your family would certainly thrive in this beautiful community.

With roughly 236,000 residents, the West Island accounts for about over 12% of Montreal’s total population and makes up a third of its land mass.

The territory’s administrative structure is fairly complex seeing as it consists of several of the local governments to the north and south of Highway 40.

Roxboro, Pierrefonds, Sainte-Geneviève, and L’Île-Bizard are four cities in the north that have been transformed into municipalities of the City of Montreal, together with the newly reconstructed city Dollard-Des-Ormeaux. Beaconsfield, Baie-D’Urfé, Dorval, Kirkland, Senneville, Pointe-Claire, and Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue are the seven municipalities in the southern part of the West Island.


The West Island offers the best of both worlds: stunning natural beauty and a vibrant urban environment. The area is wonderful for those searching for a home that mixes culture, history, and nature.

The region, which consists of three boroughs and 12 municipalities, features four natural parks, plenty of forested paths, trendy neighborhoods, and several residential developments which are still continuously evolving.


The West Island offers a great sense of community. Enjoy the stunning views of the lakeshore.

Nature and gardens are abundant in the area for you to take full advantage of the outdoors. Take part in vibrant arts and cultural events in your community, getting to know your neighbors and the local shop keeps by name.

These are the characteristics that distinguish any neighborhood as more than just a place to live. It is a place to create a beautiful life with your family.

You might enjoy spending time in these areas nearby. In the summer, festivities fill the parks, and tourists stroll through the local streets holding ice cream cones and Beaver Tails!

Beautiful Homes

Enjoy a trip down Senneville Road to bask in the magnificent views of Lac des Deux Montagnes peppered with exquisite homes. Marvel at the imposing maples and historical treasures along Tunstall Avenue. West Island luxury real estate is now hotter than ever and there are tons of different homes for sale all around Montreal.

West Islands’ more kid-friendly neighborhoods are close to Lakeshore Road, which links the walking villages of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, the beautiful and classy neighborhood of Beaconsfield.

Another hidden gem along this road is Baie-d’Urfé, which has lovely waterfront public parks and is in proximity to both Beaconsfield and Ste-Anne.


The Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Boardwalk, which stretches between the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal and Sainte-Anne Street, is home to a huge selection of restaurants, Cafes, shops, and activities.

While observing the boats, picnicking, and watching the locks, visitors can also take pleasure in the riverbank scenery. The region provides a variety of concerts, exhibitions and family events during the summer.

The Ecomuseum Zoo

The Ecomuseum Zoo, just 25 minutes from the city center, gives visitors of all ages the chance to learn about Quebec’s animals, including black bears, caribou, and the Canadian lynx.

Animals who are injured or orphaned and unable to be reintegrated into the wild, are permanently kept and cared for in the Ecomuseum Zoo.

A Place with Thriving Industries

Some of Quebec’s most notable businesses in the sciences, health technology, and aerospace industries, including heavyweights like Bombardier, have their corporate offices here on West Island.

The 245-hectare Macdonald campus of McGill University is situated in the charming town of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and is the ideal setting for students to find creativity and inspiration!

Heritage Bike Trail

Discovering the architectural, historical, and environmental heritage of the West Island is made possible by this remarkable 70-kilometer cycling path.

Bike riders may stop along the route to read the heritage plaques, which provide information on more than a hundred historical heritage structures in the area. Biking enthusiasts will also enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural parks and the expansive landscapes of Lac Saint-Louis and Lac des Deux Montagnes.

The route departs at Lachine’s Pôle des Rapides cycling path and goes all the way to Millennium Park in Dorval.

Live in The West Island

As you can see, the West Island is one of the best areas to live in Montreal, especially if you’re raising a family with small children and require peace, calm and absolute safety.

Contact a professional real estate broker who’s intimately familiar with the real estate market in the West Island today! You will not regret this.