According to recent trends, condo living has increased in popularity in the Montreal area. Montrealers now opt to live and work in the city’s downtown area which can be very crowded during rush hours. 

The team at Abbey & Olivier Agence Immobilière is dedicated to keeping you informed on current market trends such as luxury condo living and helping you choose the best luxury condo.

The ideal condominium property provides opulent amenities both inside your home and in communal areas. Below you can explore several key characteristics and vital components that the top luxury condos in Montreal should feature.

dining room in luxury apartment

Luxury Condominium Highlights

Important features such as a brand-new kitchen, heating, air conditioning and an elevator are some of the basic amenities for any condo. This being said, private parking, a play area, and a well-kept garden are among some of the most exclusive features provided by some luxury condos.

Even special amenities fit for hotels can be found in some luxury flats. Swimming pools, fitness centers, saunas, and even nearby convenience stores can all be found in luxury condo buildings.

Safe, quiet, and relaxed living is generally guaranteed by the construction of luxurious buildings in residential areas.

The Search Begins

It takes time to choose a luxury condominium that fits your individual tastes. It is important to narrow down your preferences for location, floor plans, building amenities, ambiance and security. The next step is to begin searching for listings of available properties and enlist the help of a professional real estate broker to guide you in this adventure. You may find the condo of your dreams in one of Montreal’s multiple neighborhoods, depending on your needs and budget.

Choose your home wisely if you wish to invest in a luxury condo. Here are some pointers to help you make an informed decision.

1. Location

Selecting the most suitable location for your luxurious condominium is by far the most important step to finding your dream property. If the area is inconvenient for you in relation to your work or other important amenities, you may tire of the condo quickly.

A condo for rent or sale in Montreal should ideally be located in a desirable area. These places would have facilities and amenities nearby including shops, educational institutions, playgrounds, event spaces, etc.

Additionally, the neighborhood should be safe, there should be good access roads, and the trip to important places should be short.

If you are an anglophone looking at condos in Montreal, we strongly advise you to browse through the listings located in the West Island. Abbey & Olivier are real estate specialists on condominiums available in Beaconsfield

2. Condo Interiors

When looking for a luxury condo, the inside deserves special attention. The condo’s interiors should be aesthetically pleasing and the floor plan functional for your lifestyle. Furthermore, the interiors should be professionally set up, offering a cohesive concept that will enrich your way of life.

luxury bedroom

If you’re looking for a completely furnished condo, it should have top-of-the-line appliances made of stainless steel or another premium material. Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washer-dryers, and possibly microwaves should be among these items. 

3. Ambiance

A pleasant environment should be provided by a luxury condo. For starters, the condo should have adequate lighting and ventilation. The hallways and common areas should not feel tight or gloomy when you come into and move around the building.

Large windows, strong but quiet air ventilation and lighting are features found in many luxury condos, which contribute to the space’s airy, cozy, and welcoming feeling.

4. Parking Garage

This is yet another crucial factor to consider while looking for a luxury condo. As a result, you should consider how many parking places are offered for your apartment or condominium.

empty garage

Also, you ought to learn about the appropriate parking rules. You should check to make sure that your assigned parking place is spacious and that there are no potential hazards.

5. Security

A luxury condominium ought to have the required safety precautions installed. Verify whether facilities like parking lots, gates, etc. have security cameras installed. To reduce the likelihood of any unwelcome occurrence, there should be security officers monitoring the entrance and common areas 24/7 and with the best technology.

Last Words

If you are currently searching for a luxury condo to rent out or even invest in, Abbey & Olivier has plenty of listings to choose from. The team would be more than happy to help you find your dream condo!

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